Privacy Policy

Hi there. Welcome to the really technical legal-jargony spot on the website. 

We’re gonna make this easy. 

I don’t track your information for any reason. This website doesn’t have a contact form, or a place to leave comments, or any kind of advertising pixels installed in it. We aren’t going to interact here. It’s just for sharing a bit of information from me to you via our old friend the interwebs. Your information is YOUR information, and will stay that way. 

Be aware of the following:

  1. Your browser might track stuff. That depends on your browser and your privacy settings.
  2. If you click on anything on my site that takes you to a 3rd party site (ie anything that you’re not just reading as a page on this website at then all bets are off as I don’t know what those other sites are doing. It’s their job to tell you once you get there… this includes things like links to the specific book sales pages, links to specific projects that are not hosted here (which is… well, everything).